Configure email client with Alias

Hello, does anyone know if it’s possible to use the alias user instead of the actual user to configure an email client?

I ask this because I want to change my email address from to

The Helm email account was originally created as, but now I want to change the email address I give out and use for all my email clients to

I figured one way to do this was to was to actually change the email account in the server (through the app), but I don’t think the app allows for that.

So another approach could be to create an alias called, which shouldn’t be a problem, but my only question is whether I will be able to configure an email client with the alias user credentials instead of the original user credentials, i.e. using rather than when configuring a new email account in a email client.


You can do that.

First, make the account and mailbox. From the App select User & Account Management then pick Add New User Account. The “username” field will be the email account. (

After creating an account you’ll need app-specific passwords. For a secondary user this is in User & Account Management, then select the username and Accounts and Devices, Add a new device or client. From there you can create a password for each client. Do ‘em all at once. Phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Finally, connect your clients. In order to actually see the password you need to back up and instead of Accounts and Devices you need to go into Email, Calendar, and Contacts. From there pick the Account, then the Client, then the eyeball to reveal the password. The server settings are also visible here.


Note that if you want to make a new client for the primary account on the device that’s in Accounts and Devices from the main menu, but to view the password for the primary account that’s in Email on the main menu. So the primary account management is done from the main menu, but management of secondary accounts is done in User & Account Management. It’s clunky at first, but it’s all in there. Somewhere.