Catch all for non-admin domains

Will there ever be an option to have a Catch All for non-admin domains on a Helm server?


Hi there - thank you for the feedback. Yes, this is something we plan to add.

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I also had a question about Catch All. Is Catch All only allowed on the Primary Domain?

I setup a new domain when I started with Helm so I could get comfortable. I have two secondary domains that I’m moving over from another service. After I moved the first one, I sent it a random email and it was rejected.

For the email service I was using, I used a bunch of email addresses when I signup for different websites like my cell phone carrier. It is nice to identify who is sending me spam. I know that I can create aliases and I will. Having Catch All for secondary domains would be great. It would also be nice if the Catch All for each secondary domain could go to a different email account. My brother is thinking of moving his domain to my Helm server. It would be nice if he could get the Catch Alls for his domain.


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Hello all

Was this ever answered as I am in the same situation!?

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