CardDAV to Android Contacts but View only there?

Hello, I set up Helm Sync some time ago and I’ve just recently noticed that my contacts are only shown as “View only” in the native Android 11 Contacts app. I can’t edit them there but they do sync over to the phone as expected. I have no trouble syncing to macOS or my edits there syncing back to the Helm server.

Why does the native Android 11 Contacts app show my contacts, synced via Helm Sync, as View only? How can I enable the ability to edit my contacts in the native Android 11 Contacts app like I can on macOS? I see nothing obviously wrong inside the Helm Sync settings.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Are there no Android users out there having or not having this problem? Can Helm Support please assist here? Thank you.

Did you find a solution to this?

No; I have not found a solution. I am still either updating my contacts “by hand” on the Mac when it would be more convenient to do so from Android, or just forgetting to update my contacts. There is the possibility that the stock Android Contacts app is intentionally a Google-only-for-update situation and that a non-stock Contacts app would have no such trouble, but I’ve not researched that.

On my android, contact syncing is working fine. No issues here.

Like mentioned above, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket through the Helm app. They usually solve any of my issues fairly quickly.

This message suggests that the makers of DAVx⁵ fixed this problem in their 3.3.1-beta1 and newer, so if the nice people at Helm were to update their Helm Sync app to match that or a later build, then this problem might finally be resolved.

UPDATE: I sent a message to Helm via the app concerning this bug, and found what might be the single commit to DAVx⁵ that fixed the problem with that upstream software:

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I’m having the same issue. Was there ever an update on the ticket opened on this? If not I’ll open one too.