Bounced email from financial institutions

I’m having issues with bounced emails, specifically from my financial institutions that I use (example, Chase, E-trade, etc). I wind up getting a snail mail fromthese financial institutions tried to email me my account info, shareholder material, etc and it bounced. I can use straight gmail email address and it isn’t a problem. I use my helm personal email address and it fails.

Almost sounds like a validation of the domain problem? How can I debug this, what’s causing this issue?


Hi -

We have seen this issue reported in the past and it has to do with financial institutions sending emails that do not adhere to their published security policies that are captured in DNS (DMARC and SPF). As a result, the Helm server will reject these emails. Vanguard fixed an issue with this late last year after our customers were in contact with them. We recommend getting in touch with technical support for these institutions and discussing this with them.


Can you be more specific on what security policy rules it rejected? Any way to determine why it was rejected? Arming the financial institutions with corrected data would go a long way to getting them fix their bad ways. :slight_smile:

We can take a look if you forward the raw headers to support

I had this problem with one institution. Funny thing was that I would get letters in the mail asking me to update my email on the same day I was getting emails from them.

I also experienced this issue, but there was only a short period (maybe a couple of days) where it was a problem. In my case, I already owned the domain I use with Helm and the bounce occurred during the DNS transition period. My assumption is that my financial institution had cached or stale information about where to send email and so a bounce occurred.

For those moving a domain to Helm, my advice would be to avoid requesting 2FA codes or password reset emails, etc during that DNS transition. There is a decent chance of the other side getting an email bounce and that means they may consider your email invalid, making it difficult to login or recover the account.