Best program for calDAV

I’ve got clients I set up with Helm, and I’m trying to get them to move to using the calendar for collaboration rather than a 30 year old Lotus product. Unfortunately I’ve discovered that Thunderbird cannot handle more than on CalDAV account per server. Any suggestions?

Calendar sharing works in Outlook, Apple Calendar, and other clients that support CalDAV.

However, I’m not sure it’s possible to share CardDAV contacts. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Anyone else have success sharing contacts? It’s nice to have a shared ‘company’ address book for a group of users.

I’m looking at Evolution, since this is going to be a Linux native shop.
I’m keeping a lid on the amount of unreliable software that runs in Windows VMs.
It does in fact support multiple CalDAV calendar accounts on the same server. I can’t confirm whether or not it works with multiple CardDAV contact account per server, as I have no plans to try pulling the users into that until November.

I’m using Evolution. Kind of ugly looking IMO, but it works for Calendar and Contacts. The one downside I have noticed is that the mail connection will sometimes go out of sync and require a manual send/receive to get back into sync. This only happens if I modify my mailbox (delete/archive/etc.) from my phone client (K9) while it is connected to the same network (different VLAN, but behind same gateway) as my Evolution client. It is not consistently every time, but I have narrowed it down to this being the only time it happens.

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