Backups failing today, up to 4 attempts

Hello, I awoke to an app notification of a failed backup, so I started another one and it failed, too, and again 2 more attempts. Is there a status page for your backup infrastructure? Any ETA on fixing this situation?

Many thanks

I had this for the past month+ and very slow responses in the app. Yesterday I got certificate errors in my clients as Lets’ Encrypt was not able to update them. I gave up and did shutdown (hold down button until it shuts off) and unplugged it for 10 minutes. It came back up, updated the certs automatically, and backups seem to be completing again. I also noticed that the used disk space declined significantly (a few gigs) after it had been climbing faster than I would have expected.

I was on the verge of chucking the whole thing in the trash, especially since there is no way to see logs or get any kind of helpful feedback on what’s not working - but this very hard reset seems to have fixed it. For now.

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Thank you! Resetting the device via the button, similar to but not exactly per your instructions, seems to have helped the device past the failing backup. Many thanks for sharing your experience.