Backup Mail Server for ISP Outage

I thought I would share this in case anyone needed a backup mail server for times when their ISP has an outage. My ISP is pretty stable, but I have had a couple of outages due to fiber cuts in my neighborhood and been dead for a few days until a repair crew could come out. Just the other day I had an outage that lasted a few hours. It got me thinking about setting up a backup mail server where if my Helm is offline it could be a place to store messages and then relay them back to the Helm once it is back online. I thought I would share the link below I found on how to setup a backup mail server using Ubuntu and Postfix. I hosted mine on a cloud provider, but you could host it anywhere.

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Very slick. I’ve been hit with numerous power and internet outages. The Helm is surviving by connecting it to my phone’s hotspot and running it off a Goal Zero:

I was using my phones hotspot during the last outage, but setup the backup server for the next time when I might not be home to deal with it.

Another choice for local outages… I use a service called SpamHero. They’re the primary MX address for my mail. They hold ALL mail until it can be delivered. And, <bonus!> they eliminate 99% of spam. As the Admins for Helm point out, you do lose a bit of control of your email because they’re not as private as just a Helm server. However, if that’s not a major concern, you might use this as your mail backup.

thanks for the recommendation. Do you use the outbound relay and does it help solve the problem with mail from helm being rejected by some services?

No, I don’t use the outbound relay. I might try that. AT&T doesn’t like Helm. I’ve requested them to unblock three times, but hey, they’re they phone company. They don’t have to care