Backup failing over and over

Has anyone had this problem, my nightly backups have been failing for the last 3 days? Manually tried many times, same issue.

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I had these symptoms. Power-cycling the Helm fixed them. If not, open a ticket - support has some visibility into why they may be failing (mine was some issue with the VPN connection to the backup server).

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My backups failed on two consecutive nights last month and once again recently. Dirk at Helm Support was great to work with, but we were unable to determine the cause from the logs I uploaded. I suspect it was a network connection issue.

I check the backup status on the app daily now.

It would be great if the app would send a notification that a backup failed.

I use the app on iOS and it does notify me when the backup fails

It occasionally happens from the Helm V1 days. Back then I was told that there was a bug (memory overflow I think?) and power cycling fixed it.
It’s happened maybe 3 times since I’ve had the V2 but a manual backup without power cycling would complete and it would auto backup ok on the next schedule. If it’s happening consistently then open a ticket with support, they’re super helpful and responsive

I called in and tried to open up a ticket. Left all my information and described the backup issue. Never got a call back but it immediately started working after it failed 8 consecutive backups in a row. Never changed anything on my end, just made the call to support. They fixed something and never called me to let me know what it was.

I had a period of consistent back-up failures in May. Dirk at Helm Support urged me to switch from a WiFi connection to Ethernet. He said:

“Backups require a very stable network connection. We strongly recommend using the Helm’s ethernet port for network access instead of wifi. To make the change please remove the WiFi configuration in the Helm mobile app and then plug in your Helm to your router via ethernet.”

I bought a cheap Ethernet switch, plugged in the Helm and the backups have been almost flawless since then.