Available domain TLDs through yearly Helm subscription

I’m in the Helm waiting list to get a Helm.

I don’t notice any documentation or talk about what top level domains are available to choose from. I’ve seen another posting where someone was talking about getting a .COM, but am wondering if there is a way to know what TLDs are possible to get through the Helm service. Does anyone remember what the limitations were when you picked your domain?

Clearly we can’t pick any TLD… When I go browsing at various domain registrars I see a .CARS domain costs thousands of dollars per year. But are we just limited to .COM? How about .CA, which is usually around the same price as .COM. How about .NET?

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Since you specifically ask about .net; it’s available as I’m using it. I remember com/org/net were available, and I’m pretty sure that others were available, but I didn’t really go hunting. You’re free to use additional domains managed outside of helm as well.

Since Helm uses AWS to manage the virtual servers, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to be using Amazon’s DNS service as well, which does have a pricing guide here:

While that doesn’t guarantee you anything, at least it’s a set of grounded, consistent numbers that doesn’t require comparison shopping.

Thank you Mantercizer. I think you’re right. I did put in a support request, and the response I got was a set of domains that does seem to basically match the domains that appear in the Route 53 list that are less than $30 (basically $29 and less).
But it doesn’t seem to be a complete exact match. I was interested in a .ca domain since I am Canadian, but it wasn’t listed in the set of available domains I was sent by support.
I think I’ve heard that to get a .ca domain there are some extra hoops to jump through to prove that you are Canadian or a Canadian organization, so I understand if Helm doesn’t want to be saddled with that extra work.
.com it might be.