Anti Spam Features

I’m going to preface this that I’m generally quite pleased with my Helm v2 and like the product.

However, I’m borderline at my wits end with the spam filtering.

I’ve trained the thing for months now and TONS of spam still gets through every day. Approaching 100 emails on my parent’s account (yeah parents) but also a ton on my own personal account where I’ve been more discerning about what I sign up to.

Both email addresses have existed for a couple of decades so they’re out there so to speak. They’re going to get spam.

Additionally I still constantly get good email getting put into my spam folder because I’ve had to turn up the sensitivity so high due to how bad it is at getting spam. Even though I “teach it” by moving the good email back out it still never seems to actually learn.

I’ve got Sieve blacklist filters setup but the upkeep on these is getting overwhelming. I spend as much time adding things to the blacklist as I would just deleting the emails myself.

I’m almost ready to go back to a solution like SpamHero which I’d rather not do since they’re then reading all of my email before it goes gets to the server.

I know from past experiences with Spam Assassin that it does support external blacklists. Are these being utilized in the Helm setup at all? Can this be added? It seems like a relatively small ask to allow users to specify some DNSBL/URIBL style blacklists be used.

Has anyone here actually successfully gotten a handle on Spam with their Helm setup?


I, too, have been using my main email address for years, and have similar problems. But, is that really a problem having your spam read before it gets to your inbox? I’ve been using SpamHero for a while and it is blocking almost 9,000 SPAM messages out of 20,000 received in the last 90 days. I’m not terribly worried that someone is looking though 20,000 messages, and have never had a problem with them. Their customer service is great, and you can submit missed spam messages with a forward that they act on to blacklist. Hope this helps.

The entire point of a Helm is to keep your email out of anyone else’s hands.

Using SpamHero (or any similar service), your email is routed to/through a third party before you receive it. (I don’t have anything against SpamHero specifically. Just as a general rule, the less people touching your mail, the better.)

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I would like the ability to use black / white lists too.

Setting the spam sensitivity up one notch from the default is the sweet spot for me. I still have a fair amount of spam get through, but no good messages end up in the Spam folder. (Previously I had it at the most sensitive, and had junk in my Inbox AND good messages in my Spam folder. Dealing with both was almost as bad as having no filtering at all.)

I’ve been moving junk messages into the spam folder for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better at filtering. (I get Inbox spam nearly identical to messages manually moved to the Spam folder in the previous few days/weeks.)

My sensitivity is set at 3, which as far as I can tell just means tons of spam still gets through but I also have perfectly valid emails getting thrown in the spam folders all the time and the learning never seems to learn what the good email looks like just like it never seems to learn what the bad email looks like.

The learning features either aren’t working, or they’re trash, either way it just doesn’t work well enough and there’s gotta be things Helm could do to improve this.