Allow users to change passwords

I want to setup others to be able to change passwords. How do I allow, my wife to change her password on her account without going through me to do so?


This would be a great option, for sure.

Edit: I don’t actually have my Helm yet… Based on what I’ve read I think it’s not currently possible, but I could be completely wrong.

This is not the answer I was looking for…crap.

Non admin users can change their password and create device passwords through the Helm mobile app. The non admin user just needs to install the app on their mobile device, bluetooth pair with the Helm, and then enter their Helm username and password.

So what is the method for my brother who lives 250 miles away?


The only way is through the Helm app on iOS or Android. Your brother would initially need to bring his phone/device into close proximity with the Helm server (Bluetooth) for the initial pairing. He would then be able to use the Helm app on his phone remotely to manage his account.

Thats a poor solution. If I’m out of town and lose my phone, how do I gain access and change my password? There are some flaws here that need to be dealt with.

Perhaps approved phone numbers or if your on the same network. I have multiple VPN profiles and access into my house for example. So even if I lose my phone, I can go pull down a vpn profile again.

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For your brother to have access to his account, the phone pairing only needs to be done once; after that he can open the Helm app on his phone and manage his account remotely.

On the other hand if you, as admin, lose your phone, then I suppose you would need to physically pair another phone with the Helm via Bluetooth and login to the Helm app with your admin credentials you created the first time. I don’t believe you’d be able to do that remotely.

I may be mistaken, but this is how I believe this system works. Good luck.

I agree thats how the system works. The premise that I’m always within 30 feet of the unit is highly flawed though.

You don’t always need to be within 30 ft; but only once, when pairing your phone for the first time.

The idea that I’m always within 30 feet when I need to pair my phone is flawed.

another way to do this would be with pre-populated phone numbers tied to accounts. Your rule makes sense for the master account.

But for user level accounts, pre-populated phone numbers and possibly mac addresses with rolling keys makes sense.

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Just for clarity, it’s not my rule; I’m a consumer/customer just like you are. Cheers.

Requiring physical proximity to the Helm in order to establish administrative rights is by design and not something we consider a flaw. It’s correct that you only need to do that once when setting up your phone and then you’re able to administer it remotely. Requiring proximity to establish admin rights significantly reduces the threat of certain categories of attacks.