Additional services question

Just wondering if there are any plans for a Helm Password manager solution hosted on the box. I currently run dashlane and their recent decisions to turn away from secure practices including EOLing the desktop app and moving to browser extension only(seperating passwords from browsers was a main feature), not randomizing the pin pad, their login screen recognition is tanking as well, have me looking for a diffrent solution when my subscription is due to renew in a few months.

Not sure about The Helm, but may I suggest 1Password. It’s been my goto Password manager (and more) forever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They advertised VPN, Password management, Family chat and messaging, Expandable Storage when I bought mine 3 years ago. Still waiting to get the features promised from then.

I run a self-hosted Bitwarden on my Unraid server. It is easy to install and has worked perfectly since day-one. I also moved my Wife and mom over to it. There are browser extensions for every browser I know of and mobile apps for Android and iOS.