Additional backup

I’ve recently switched to Helm for my email. I understand that the subscription includes backups for 128 GB - I’m in the low 20s now, per the Helm app, so it should be covered for a long time, but is there any word on support for additional backups? Considering the importance of email, I would like to have another backup. I think a file based backup to my local NAS, or a USB attached drive would be good or even an iSCSI connection to my NAS (so Helm would still have full control over the file system, encryption, etc).

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You might be able to backup your inbox from your desktop’s mail client, such as a .pst file if you’re using Outlook.

I’m not using Outlook. If I was, and if it was just me, that would be a good solution - but I have several other users on my mail server. I’d rather not need to try to micro-manage their machine, but rather keep backups managed centrally.

I read somewhere in the online docs somewhere early on that the backup was compressed and 128 GB would cover the 1TB, no problem. Sorry, I don’t have the link, but if you dig in, I think you’ll find the same information.