ADD an External Hard drive to A V1 HELM!

Does anyone know how to add an additional Hard Drive to A Helm V1 or Connect it to a SCSI NAS server??
If you can add more Storage can you at least Use a Synology NAS and MAP a DRIVE!!

Not possible at the moment.

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One edge is removable and has a drive sled. Been waiting for a software update for a looooong time so far. Current estimate from Helm is “after v2 ships”.


Do we know when this will happen, I am trying to get away from google but I would like to use an external drive for drive files so I do not take up space on my helm for access via nextcloud

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Laudable goal, and I’m planning the same thing.

But if/when adding external storage is possible, it will be critical to remember: you’ll be leaving the safety net of a big cloud provider and storing your data on a single lone drive. It (most likely) won’t have an option to be backed up like the internal Helm storage, doesn’t have RAID, etc. A failure would mean the loss of your data.

Have a backup plan.

I have begun moving my data from google even with out a back up plan, the state has taken over, I will not comply

If the day ever comes that we can finally add an extra drive to V1 you can always sync all your nextCloud data to a drive on your computer and use a service like Backblaze for backup.

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