A disappointing community model

I posted a comment for the community on a BUG with the helm app on being able to pull the email archive from gmail. This is a function of google’s change in the security model and the lag on reviewing the HELM app and approving it.

I shared that so others in the community would be aware of the challenge. What most communities usually do in helping each other understand the issues and experiences. I also continue to wait for a final resolution to the ticket on the issue I put in a month or so ago.

HELM decided to take the item private. Too bad.

Confident people and companies share their challenges and are open to feedback.

Thanks for your feedback. As we explained in the response to your post, bugs and support issues are handled through our support channels and not here on the Helm community site. You do raise some important points about raising community awareness of known issues however so we will find a way to address that on the community site.