802.11ax WiFi 6

Hello from Europe, just joined the community. The upgrades to V2 look great and I am keenly awaiting my first Helm. One question resulting from the relentless march of IT progress; will it be possible to upgrade the wifi capability to the new 802.11ax standard at some point? Such wifi cards are now readily available and having upgraded my computers and network to wifi 6 I am very impressed with its reliability and signal strength even on 802.11 ac wifi items.


Hi there -

We don’t expect the existing WiFi hardware in the device to be software upgradeable to 802.11ax but it is something we will investigate in the future. I expect at some point in the future we would consider this type of component upgrade as a minor revision to the v2 design but it will require more investigation.

As a reference point, the v2 alpha HW on my desk is at 84% signal strength, 30 feet away through a floor at 600Mbps.

Helm co-founder/CEO